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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed before the summer
With John and LDC The in car learning was incredible. As a highly anxious and unconfident person, I was always made to feel confident and like John my instructor had faith in me. If ever I made a mistake, we'd talk through what I'd done and tackle the task of improving that mistake so that next time I wouldn't do it. The support that was always given provided me with the confidence I needed, and the atmosphere was always friendly and calm. As for the workbook, it was very helpful from start to finish. Going into each lesson I was able to look over what the lesson would entail in greater detail, allowing me to not go in completely blind and it was great. The diagrams explained things in a way that I could understand if a verbal explanation confused me further, and the ability to record what happened each lesson showed me how to improve further.

Everything about learning to drive with John and LDC was exceptional. From John’s superb teaching to the extremely useful workbook and online resources. Before each lesson, i was able to prepare by watching the videos on each of the individual topics, meaning more of the lesson could be spent on actually having a go at and practicing the different elements of driving. In addition, the section of the website for the theory test was invaluable as everything I needed was there; making passing first time easy. However, the best part of learning with John was the relaxed, enjoyable and highly effective lessons. Another highlight of the process was the flexibility there was within each lesson, I could spend as much or as little time on a topic as I needed. All this meant I was able to pass the practical test first time! Thank you so much John.

Passed before the summer
First of all I'd like to offer a special thanks to John Jeffery and the LDC team for giving me the opportunity to learn to drive. They offered huge support and never gave up helping me. Using the LDC workbook and the website provided I was able to prepare for every lesson and be on time ready and waiting for the lesson to begin! A highly reccomended company to learn to drive with.

Over the moon
I was really nervous about driving as had never driven a car before but learning to drive with John at ldc was great! John came recommended by my niece who was also taught by John. He was a brilliant instructor easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable and at ease whilst learning to drive. I passed first time with only 3 minors! I was over the moon! The book and online tutorials were really good as they give u a bit of insight into what each lesson would involve.He is first class would definitely recommend! 😁

Passed before the summer
My experience with LDC was hugely positive overall. I joined as a student late in the day after poor experiences with 2 other independent driving instructors and felt very downbeat. John Jeffery was positive from the outset as my instructor and he used all of his experience to instil confidence in my driving. The workbook was also a help. I would recommend John to any student, as he is extremely patient, calm and has the ability to explain things in a way that is easy to comprehend.

1st time pass
Every one of my lessons with John began with the words “So, what do we know?” I know the LDC system worked for me. The workbook and the videos really helped me prepare for each lesson in my own time. I know John is a terrific instructor; patient, encouraging and really easy to get on with. It felt like we clicked right from the start (unlike my previous instructor, who put me off learning for years!). I know John and LDC was the perfect combination for me. He allowed me to give it a go, learn from my mistakes and helped me develop the skills and confidence I needed to pass first time. I can’t recommend him highly enough! Thanks, John. See you on the road mate.

1st time pass
I had a total of 36 hours’ worth of lessons with John and I found the process to be easy going and enjoyable. Before I started I thought that driving was going to be something that I’d never get the hang of, however after my first lesson I felt much more confident. The method I found worked best was when I made a mistake as this showed me what not to do so I knew what to expect if things didn’t go to plan. For example when I would stall the car, once I understood what happens when you stall I knew what I had to do to prevent that from happening. John helped me feel relaxed on every lesson I had as I felt like if I made a mistake, it wasn’t the end of the world as I knew that as long as we were safe nothing could go wrong.

1st time pass
John is the best driving instructor around. Very patient and calm teacher. At first I started off with a different driving instructor who made me feel silly because of the comments he made when I made a mistake. I'm so grateful I found John as I couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor and I passed first time! I've passed his number on to a number of friends and family who are wanting to drive in the future :) thanks again.

One excited young Lady.
I think the workbook was really helpful because I knew what the lesson was before we started which didn't make me as nervous and the clips were good because they gave a visual. John was a really good instructor and really patient with me he taught me really well making it enjoyable throughout the learning.

Amazing Amanda
I learned to drive with John from LDC I have trouble with anxiety and I felt at ease at all times we worked through the LDC workbook which helped me a lot. I also used all the LDC video clips all in all John is an amazing instructor and I would highly recommend him to all of my friends and family !!! The LDC way certainly worked for me.

Passed in Portsmouth
I couldn't recommend the LDC system & particularly Mr Jeffery highly enough for either nervous first time drivers or learners that are suffering with confidence issues. The workbook covers all the details & aspects of driving that you need to know & is broken down into manageable sections so you won't get overawed Reading other testimonials it appears that John can adapt to any teaching style that the learner requires. My own experience was that he let me set my own objectives for each lesson & tackle them on my own, only giving me expert advice when it was required. Having passed, although there is no more friendly banter with john to look forward to every week, I will retain all the advice he gave me in safe & sensible driving.

1st time pass in Lee On Solent
Would like to say a huge thank you for teaching me how to drive the best way anyone could. You had so much patience for me and I always felt at ease behind the wheel with you. After I brought my car (1.4 seat ibiza) I've been hounded by my friends to drive places with them. I even drove to Godalming the other day using many duel carriageways and motorways too. Thanks again for all the patience you had and teaching me a crucial life skill :)

Passed with the LD system
I found the workbook and online videos helpful and they made it easier to complete the manoeuvres, John made me feel calm and relaxed during my driving lessons, I'm very happy with how quickly I learnt

1st time pass with LDC
I passed my theory test and practical test both first time using the LDC system. The online resources and the workbook are extremely effective. My instructor John is a really good instructor who is very easy to get along with which made every lesson enjoyable and productive. Highly recommend John and the LDC system!

1st time pass
I had weekly lessons with John and successfully passed my driving test first time. I found using the LDC workbook and website extremely useful having had a large gap since a previous lesson (23 years). John was patient and calm, understanding yet able to control the lesson if I was struggling and smooth out any issues. I have enjoyed the learning process with John and will take everything we have covered and put into practice in my future driving.

1st time pass
My instructor John Jeffery was supportive and very knowledgeable. I found the LDC workbook and system was great, I found it very useful to read up on what I was doing before every lesson helped me to be prepared. I passed first time and can't thank John enough for his support and guidance, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John he is the best!

12 weeks from start to finish
John is a really good instructor and helped me pass my test first time, I would recommend him and the LDC system to any young learner who wants to pass quick with no stress and good support.

After a not so great experience with another driving school, John soon restored my hope in passing my driving test. Instantly felt comfortable in the car with him and even enjoyed the learning process. Would definitely recommend the LDC system to anyone.

Jason Jason
Passed in portsmouth
My instructor John was second to none, a very understanding and friendly person and great to work with. He didn't put me under any pressure and let me learn by trying different ways by myself and then discussing area's of improvement. He is a credit to LDC and I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive he's an absolute star. The LDC workbook was packed with all the information anyone would need to get their head around the whole learning to drive. From road position to test criteria it's all in there just a well planned and thought out workbook and would recommend you read along side the practical driving. Overall my experience with John and the LDC system was very good and I would point anybody in the direction of John Jeffery and LDC.

Passed first time
You've been a brilliant driving instructor really patient and explained everything in the way that I could understand them many thanks.

I passed
I thank John very much for his time and patience in helping me pass my driving test. Thank you

1st time pass
The LDC learning program was fantastic and perfect for somebody like myself who needed to learn to drive in a short period of time due to work commitments. At no point did I feel unsupported or feel like there was a lack of guidance as the learning materials provided were informative and allow you to learn in a number of different ways at a pace that suits you. This approach was the same out on the road and my instructor John was a real credit and testament to the the LDC program. His relaxed and knowledgeable attitude put me at ease straight away, this coupled with what I had self taught from both the DVD and the workbook prior to each day made for enjoyable lessons with immediate progression. For myself the most rewarding and beneficial part of the course was the ability to be able to choose what skills to visit at the beginning of each lesson which put me in control and in charge of my learning and really boosted my confidence. I would definitely recommend both John and the LDC program, a brilliant all round experience. Thank you

Hollie GormanHollie Gorman
1st Time pass
Learning with John was brilliant. The workbook helped me so much, I was able to keep track of my lessons what I was and wasn't improving on. Being in the car with John was really calming stopped me from panicking and overall doing well. Couldn't of done it without him.

Racy DialloRacy Diallo
Passed with John
The LD system worked really well for me as I was able to watch videos and read information in the book before each lesson. I also relied on these when I needed to practise a particular point such as driving at a roundabout or practising the parallel park manoeuvre. This method really enabled me to boost my confidence as I'd had bad experiences with driving in the past. John really helped me feel confident when driving. Thank you so much John.

Jack ButcherJack Butcher
Passed the LDC way
I felt the videos and workbook were really helpful with my practical driving. I wanted to pass quickly and this enabled me to know exactly what to do before each lesson. John was really calm, helpful and easy to talk to making the lessons easy to progress quickly. The online theory test study was excellent and helped me pass First time. The complete LDC experience was great.

Hannah MckinneyHannah Mckinney
Passed in Portsmouth
John Jeffery 5 star. I think my instructor was incredible at targeting my individual needs. Through John I have been able to progress from someone who was afraid to change gears to a confident driver in which changing gears now becomes so natural to me. John was very flexible with my extremely busy schedule with teaching and even on his day off on a Sunday was kind enough to offer his time for a lesson prior to my test. The LDC workbook helped me theoretically target my approach speed which has an amazing effect practically just by reading and studying it the night before. This also motivated my planning in all my driving. So thanks John for everything.

Daniel NashDaniel Nash
Passed in Portsmouth
I booked lessons with John of LDC on a weekly basis as this fitted well with my current work hours. The lessons were well structured and john was very approachable always with a friendly smile. I found the LDC workbook went hand in hand with the practical driving lessons and was well worth spending time reading through topics that i wanted to cover on my next drive. I would recommend John as a driving instructor to anybody that wants a patient and non regimental instructor. Thank You.

Thomas WigleyThomas Wigley
Passed 1st time
I booked a semi intensive course with John over a one week duration. From the start I found the online theory test resources very helpful and used them on a regular basis in preparation for the actual test. The LD system with workbook and DVD was very useful and comprehensive when used along side the practical learning process and would recommend it thoroughly. John is a very good instructor who was efficient, on time and easy to understand during lessons.

Whilst learning to drive I have been having weekly driving lessons and thanks to John of LDC I passed my driving test with 1 driving fault. The time spent with John in the car was well structured and I was made to feel at ease with John's approach to my learning. I found using the L.D system made the learning process easier and would recommend spending time using the workbook and video clips between lessons to enhance the learning experience. If you are looking for a driving instructor who is patient and knowledgeable then John is who i would recommend.

Barish Eegum
International driver
John helped me prepare for the driving exam by providing lessons in my vehicle. I found he was patient and very helpful in assessing my ability to drive and where I needed to improve before exam. Each lesson was a joy with him in the vehicle with a flexible / happy approach each day thank you.

George TaylorGeorge Taylor
Passed First time
During my time with John I was able to tell that he was a great instructor, with the combination of his kind, understanding happy personality and great knowledge he was able to help me prepare for my practical test and thanks to John I passed with just one Minor driving fault.